Cathy Tutty can name off all 10 of the children of Tom and Kay Tutty without hesitation, Good Will Hunting style.

Unlike Will, however, Tutty’s siblings are real.

“Real” is a good word to define Cathy, the older sister to the Tutty clan of Butte. A bright and talented lawyer, Tutty dedicates most of her time helping others.

While she helped send many criminals to prison in her days as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, she found a better life living close to her roots in the Mining City.

She is the public address announcer for Butte High volleyball matches, and she follows in the footsteps of her late father by running the pole vault competition at local track meets.

Tutty is also a past president of the Montana District of Kiwanis, an organization dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.

If you drive past Tutty’s home on the North End of Butte, you will find an old refrigerator painted blue with a Kiwanis logo and handprints from students at Kennedy Elementary. Inside that refrigerator is a free library and free school supplies for neighborhood children.

Every neighborhood should have someone like that.

Tutty is a motivational speaker who helps others live their best life, and she is writing a book about Zach Bunney, who might be Butte High’s all-time leader in inspiration. She is also a certified laughing yoga instructor.

In short, she is a very interesting person who helps make the Mining City great.

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