Butte boxing brothers Ethan and Eli Wroblewski have turned out to be quite the role models for the youth of the Mining City.

Even though they come from a tough upbringing thanks to drug and alcohol problems in their family, they never touch either. They are too busy working on the clothing brand and their boxing careers.

They hope to one day fight in the Olympics, and they plan to be professional boxers.


The brothers were set to fight in the Murderers Row Boxing Event Oct. 29 at the Butte Depot. Unfortunately, they learned shortly after recording this podcast that they will not be able to fight because it conflicts with USA Boxing rules.

Still, Ethan and Eli have many more fights in their future.

Click here to listen in as we get to know two of the Mining City’s finest. Hear about their intense training regimen and how boxing helped keep them out of trouble. Also, check out their knowledge of boxing history.

They bring up Iron Mike, Money Mayweather and Mining City legend Eli Thomas.

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