Today’s podcast guest comes from our little brother town of Anaconda.

Jesse Laslovich got an early start in politics and officiating basketball games. Earlier this year, he was confirmed and sworn in as the United States Attorney for the District of Montana.

The appointment came after Laslovich served his constituents in the Montana Senate and the Montana House of Representatives.

In this podcast, we talk about Laslovich’s upbringing in Anaconda. We talk about his family, including his father, the late, great Tony Laslovich.

We talk about all the beatings Jesse and the Anaconda Copperheads suffered at the hands of the Butte Central Maroons. We also talk about the wins.

We also talk about how Laslovich called the fifth foul on Butte Central’s Kyle Holter in the Class A State championship game in Missoula. We like him anyway.

Click here to listen in as we get to know one of the Smelter City’s finest, Jesse Laslovich.