Jake Larson will go down as one of the best athletes the Mining City has ever produced. He will also be remembered as a bit of a problem child.

He drew an unsportsmanlike conduct flag for taunting a Montana Tech receiver as he scored his first college touchdown on a 90-yard reception. He shooshed the Butte Central crowd after a dunk as a freshman, and he once gave the ol’ Butte Salute to the Kalispell fans.

While Jake’s talent was off the charts, so is his honesty. Click here to listen in as Jake discusses his athletic career and his work ethic, or lack thereof. Listen as he talks about some of his many injuries, a brush with some really bad luck and an apprenticeship at Lockmer Plumbing.

Listen in to see that Jake really isn’t a bad guy after all. In fact, he is one of my favorites. I have known Jake a long time, and I think I really get him. I would like to think I would have handled such great athletic talent much differently, but I will never know.

Also listen to hear Jakes big plans for the Copper Cages, an indoor baseball facility that Butte has been missing for some time. 

Call (406) 560-8658 to book an hour at the Copper Cages, which are located at 1609 Harrison Avenue.