Father Patrick Beretta is no ordinary priest. He has lived a life that is worthy of a movie or a limited Netflix series.

Father Beretta was born and raised in Paris. He was educated in France, Ireland and Italy. He also owned fine-dining restaurants in Southern California. Father Beretta just might be the most interesting man in town. He could star in his own Dos Equis commercial.

Click here to listen in as Father Beretta discusses his education to become a Roman Catholic priest. Listen as he talks about his brief 22-year leave of absence that led to him joining the restaurant industry. Listen to him describe his road to the Mining City and learn how he celebrated surviving being buried by an avalanche while driving on Interstate 90.

Listen to how he is helping lead the fight against the fentanyl crisis that has sadly claimed the lives of too many young people.

Listen and you will see that Father Beretta is no ordinary priest, to say the least.