For a half a century, Bill Rundle was the man behind the Knievels.

He started working for Evel Knievel when he was just 14 years old. Then, he worked as the crew chief for Robbie Knievel for 35 years.

Can you imagine the things that the Butte native and resident saw during his time with the world’s most famous daredevils?

Can you imagine the festival-free summers in the Mining City that we would have year after year had Rundle not started Evel Knievel Days? The first year was Evel Knievel Week. Then it was shortened to Evel Days. He brought all kinds of stuntmen and performers to his hometown. That includes Spanky Spangler jumping off Hotel Finlen on fire.

Most people do not have a friend they can call and ask to jump off a tall building — on fire or not.

More importantly, Evel Days showed others how great of a festival town Butte can be. While Evel Days faded away, we have the Folk Festival and the Irish Festival that live on. Both got a major assist from Rundle and Evel Days.

For his career, Rundle was inducted, along with Robbie Knievel, in the Hot Shoe Hall of Fame in February 2021.

Click here to listen in as Rundle talks about Evel Days and his career working with Evel and Robbie. Listen as he talks about his discussions with Robbie before some of his biggest jumps. Listen as he talks about the passing of Robbie, a life-long friend who meant the world to him.