John “Harp” Cote is one of the greatest of the “Greatest Generation.”

His fingerprints are all over the Mining City, and he and his wife Esther have long been known for their generosity, even if the recipients of it never knew the source.

Esther passed away last January, but Harp is still going strong at the age of 99. He says he has trouble with his legs and balance, but as you will see, his mind is still sharp.

Harp served in the Navy in World War II. He owned a supper club in Meaderville with his good friend Tucker McGree, and he worked for New York Life for a half century.

Click here to listen to the podcast as Harp talks about his days growing up and how he got his nickname. Listen to some stories about friends like Tucker McGree and Kevin Shannon and why he says why his wife was an angel. Listen to why Harp still thinks Butte is such a special place.