Today’s podcast guest is the world-famous Rob O’Neill.

Rob is a Butte native and former Navy SEAL Team Six member who shot and killed Osama bin Laden.

The 1994 Butte Central graduate has authored two books, and he makes the rounds as a well-paid motivational speaker.

In Butte, though, we knew Rob before he was a big deal. We knew him as that red-headed kid who never looked like he would become an athlete. We knew him as the outstanding basketball player for the Maroons. We knew him before he became one of the most famous American heroes.

Rob sat down for this podcast at 51 Below Speakeasy. 

Click here to listen in as Rob talks about the dad of a former girlfriend who indirectly led him to the Navy recruiting office. Listen as he talks about meeting Jim from The Office and hanging out with the likes of Dave Grohl, Kid Rock, Tim Montana and Jim Jefferies. 

Listen as he talks about the three shots heard round the word. 

Warning: This podcast is marked as explicit because of language.