Mike Thatcher is the CEO of Community, Counseling, and Corrections Service, which is a company that helps give second chances. CCCS is also one of the biggest employers in town.

In addition to being vital to our community, CCCS is also a generous company that is always there to help when needed. It is a company that follows the lead of Thatcher.

Thatcher is the Bob Uecker of the Mining City. Whenever he talks about his athletic career or his smarts, Thatcher will deliver a funny, self-deprecating line. He says he led the nation in missed layups during his senior basketball season at Butte Central.

Those who know him, however, know better — at least about his smarts. Thatcher has spent the last 40 years running a successful company and helping make Butte a better place.

Click here to listen in as Mike talks about his less-than-stellar (in his eyes) athletic career. Listen to how he ended his career as a basketball official. Listen to what it was like to grow up a Thatcher and how much he loves watching his grandchildren compete in sports.

Listen to see why Mike Thatcher truly is one of the great characters of Butte, America.