You can call him Dusty Dan or Deepcourt Dan. Either way, you are talking about a Butte legend in Dan Sullivan.

A 1958 Butte Central graduate, Sullivan starred for the Maroons before moving to Missoula play hoops and baseball for the Grizzlies. There, Sullivan roomed with Butte High legend Bob O’Billovich. 

After college and a stint in the Army, Sullivan ended up teaching for decades at Butte High School, where his law class filled up like a Springsteen concert.

Listen in as Sullivan talks about playing against and then with O’Billovich. Listen to how he described his old friend’s work ethic as he introduced him into the Montana Football Hall of Fame.

Listen as he talks about his teaching days and about the time he beat the legendary Bill Peoples in a handball match. He was the only player to knock off Peoples in a span of 10 years.

Closing in on his 83rd birthday, Sullivan met me inside the vault at the Metals Sports Bar and Grill for this fun conversation.