Gina Evans is a character straight out of Saturday Night Live.

She is always moving and thinking at light speed, or “Gina Speed,” and she is usually working on something that will make life better for the people of Butte.

Her business, Linked Adventures, shuttles bicyclists, runners and hikers into the mountains and trails of Southwest Montana. She works hard to help others enjoy the outdoor life that has been so important to her.

Gina does this even after cycling nearly killed her. In June of 2010, Gina was hit by a large truck as she rode along Continental Drive by the Hillcrest Elementary School.

She has endured a bunch of surgeries, including a pair over the last year, and she is still going strong. If you knock Gina down, she will get back up.

Listen in as she talks about the long road to recovery. Listen as she talks about her years as race director of the Butte 100 mountain bike race. Listen as she talks about working to bring a youth mountain bike race to town and so much more.