If you never heard Tom Powers and his band Dublin Gulch play on St. Patrick’s Day on Butte, you are missing out.

You can also right that wrong Friday when Dublin Gulch plays at the Butte Depot following the parade. Showtime is expected to be about 1 p.m.

The band will also play at 6:30 p.m. at the Butte Civic Center.

For 30 years, Tom Powers has led the local band that is as Butte as it comes. The band has a seemingly endless catalog of Irish songs. They also play a bunch of originals, including Tap ’Er Light. That song, which was written and record about the M&M shortly before the iconic Butte bar burned down, can be heard at the end of this podcast. 

For more of the band’s music go to DublinGluch.com.

First, listen in as Tom discusses his band and what it is like to play on St. Patrick’s Day in Butte. Listen to him talk about when his father was the mayor of Butte and going to a handful of schools before graduating from Butte Central in 1976.

Listen to him discuss his college days and his influences in Irish music.

Like his band Dublin Gulch, Tom Powers is a true Butte treasure. You better believe you will see me at the Butte Depot singing and swaying them on St. Paddy’s Day.