There is nobody I enjoy making fun of more than my good friend Davey Dunmire.

Usually, he takes that in good humor. Other times he wanted to blow up my house. Through it all, though, we have always been friends.

Davey, a 1998 graduate of Butte High School, is a passionate man. He is passionate about his children. He is passionate about his job as a copper miner at Montana Resources. He is passionate about the Chicago Bears. He is passionate about baseball.

Unfortunately, much of that passion is devoted to the Evil Empire, the New York Yankees. Davey, though, also loves Butte baseball. He coached Little League for many years. Two years ago, he took over as public address announcer for the Butte Miners and Butte Muckers.

This year, Davey will be the voice of the Butte High Bulldogs as high school baseball debuts in the Mining City. Eventually.

Davey’s passion and love of the game helps bring a big league feel to the games. That makes the experience better for the Butte players.

Listen in as Davey shows off that passion in a semi-educated talk about baseball and life. Listen to see if he is going to offer a long-overdue public apology to Scott Ferguson. Spoiler alert: he will not.