In 1986, Tim Dick pulled off something that not many — if any — have done before or since.

He was voted class clown and class president of Butte High’s Class of 1986.

Tim says he is most proud of the class clown distinction, and if you know Tim, you know it is a well-deserved honor. He is smart, funny and fast — at least two of those Tim says can be attributed to the teasing he received for his last name. 

He is also the youngest of Arthur and Marlene Dick’s eight children. That, too, kept him on his toes.

Tim, 56, is an attorney in Butte, and he is closing in on 20 years serving Butte’s drug court, where he has helped so many people get back on their feet. It is a sometimes-rewarding job that can be very difficult and stressful.

Last June 9, Tim suffered a heart attack while on an exercise walk. Thanks to some serious luck — former Butte-Silver Bow Undersheriff George Skuletich and District Judge Bob Whelan happened to find him and begin the CPR process that continued on the ambulance ride to St. James Healthcare — Tim is still around to make us laugh.

Listen in as Tim talks about that difficult day, as well as another time we nearly lost him. Listen as he talks about working at the family mill, bartending at the Deluxe Bar and going to law school.

Listen to him describe the incredible strength of his friend Pat Ryan and how he developed his quick wit.