Robert Lester is truly a Butte original.

The 2015 Butte High graduate has been an MMA fighter and a baseball player. He is also a skier and a mountaineer. He has hiked the highest peaks to ski right back down them.

Robert doesn’t need a chair lift to be a downhill skier. He doesn’t even need snow. One time, he skied down the black slag pile outside Anaconda. In the heat of the summer.

Next month, Robert is planning to travel by canoe from Butte to the Pacific Ocean. It might sound like it is kind of crazy. When you hear him explain it, though, you will find out that it is probably a little more Lewis & Clark than it is Evel Knievel.

But it is definitely a little bit of both.

Listen as Robert discusses growing up in Elk Park, playing baseball and skiing. Listen as he talks about some legendary Butte folks on both sides of his family. Listen as he discusses his upcoming trip and why it is important.

Listen to hear how important it is for him to be part of the next Colt Anderson Dream Big Event.