C.D. Holter is a member of High Ore Road, Butte’s middle-aged rock band sensation.

While he disputes the notion that he is the “heartthrob lead singer,” as I like to refer to him as, there is no question that he is a leader in one of the most fun bands you will see.

The band has been together for about five years.

C.D. is also known as a fan of the Chicago Bears, Duke Blue Devils, Montana Grizzlies, Atlanta Braves and Butte Central Maroons. This past school year, C.D. was the radio voice of the Maroons on KOPR.

In 1984, C.D. was a junior varsity player as Butte Central’s boys’ basketball team won the Class A State title in Butte, beating Billings Central thanks to a late put back by Dan “The Man” O’Gara. The next year, C.D. was a senior contributor for the Maroons, who fell 99-97 in a double-overtime thriller to Livingston in the state title game in Bozeman.

That is a loss that still hurts, but not nearly as much now that C.D. got to watch his son Kyle win the 2022 Class A State title with Butte Central.

Listen in to this podcast as C.D. talks about his high school days and watching his son win a title. Listen as he talks about his daughter Taylor and his son Cade, whom he named after Chicago Bears bust quarterback Cade McNown. C.D. denies naming Kyle after Kyle Holter. 

Listen as C.D. talks about his days on the police force and what it is like to play music in front of a large crowd. Listen to hear how much C.D. loves Bruce Springsteen.