Today’s podcast guest is Jon Wick. That is Jon with no H, and he is actually more interesting than the action star played by Keanu Reeves.

The real Jon Wick is a native of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, which was made famous by the Netflix documentary series “Making a Murder.” But it seems like he has been living in Butte his entire life. Jon and his wife, Cassie, own 5518 Designs in Butte and Anaconda, as well as Dig City Supply in Butte.

They are the first two lead the way in picking up our community. When the M&M burned down a couple of years ago, Jon designed the “Long Live The M&M” shirts that almost everyone in town owns.

He is also a past executive director of Mariah’s Challenge.

Jon came to Butte by way of Philipsburg, where he taught fifth grade and coached football for four years. He and Cassie taught in Korea for a year, and Jon is a cancer survivor.

John Wick in the movies isn’t that interesting.

The real Jon Wick and I met Thursday afternoon at the M&M 2.0, which is next door to the old one. Someday, the old one will be rebuilt, and that effort began with an assist from the real Jon Wick.

Listen as he talks about his Wisconsin roots and watching Making A Murder. Listen as he talks about his journey to Montana and how he came up with the name 5518 Designs. Listen to why he considers Butte to be his home.