You will not see Pam Parvinen’s name in the newspaper or on television very often, if at all.

Pam, though, proves that you do not have to be famous to have a great story to tell. 

A 1987 graduate of Anaconda High School, Pam has been through a lot. She is one of four daughters and two sons raised in Anaconda by Ray and Gloria Rostad. Like so many people of Butte and Anaconda, the Rostad family suffered through hard times after Ray lost his job when the mines and Smelter closed in the early 1980s.

Complicating those difficult economic times, Pam’s younger sister, Julie, was very sick. She went through a pair of kidney transplants before turning to dialysis. Sadly, Julie passed away at the age of 38.

After Julie began battling a hereditary kidney disorder, Pam and her sister Launa also became sick. When kidney transplants did not work, the sisters turned to dialysis.

Pam has not missed a day in more than 20 years. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, she goes through a nearly 3-hour dialysis process that keeps her alive.

In between all this, Pam and her husband Kevin raised their son and daughter, Logan and Lindsey.

Kevin is well known in Butte. He won a pair of individual state titles while participating in three Butte High team wrestling titles in the 1980s. He also coached the Bulldogs for years as an assistant and then head coach. He worked with Butte Central’s wrestlers as well.

Pam has remained behind the scenes. But she has some stories to tell.

Listen in as Pam talks about growing up in Anaconda during the toughest of times. Listen in how she and her siblings felt rich when they were given used bikes to get around town. Listen to how the kids all knew to behave when they went to eat at the Haufbrau.

Listen as she talks about her big family and how close they are. Listen to her describe undergoing kidney dialysis as if it is just taking a couple of pills.

Listen in to hear one tough Anaconda girl.