There really is something special about men and women who dedicate their lives so children can learn and play.

Of course, I am talking about teachers, coaches and officials. Two of the very best of those people are brothers Paul and Al Cutler.

After helping lead Butte High to State titles on the football field, the Butte brothers ventured out in careers in education, coaching and officiating. Paul taught and coached in Butte, while Al taught and coached in Deer Lodge.

The Cutler brothers influenced the lives for the better for so many people that you cannot even begin to count them. 

Listen in to this podcast as the brothers talk about growing up in Butte and playing for coaches like Bill Kambich and Sonny Lubick. Listen as they talk about playing baseball for their father, and growing up in and around Butte.

Listen as they talk about their days as coaches and teachers.