Ed Kelly was super nervous to do this podcast. He said he could hardly sleep the night before.

That must come as a surprise to the people who know Ed. They know him as the guy who has owned every building he ever walked into. 

They know him as the guy who got into an NFL game by jumping in the concession workers line and grabbing an apron. They know him as the guy who fenagled his way to a front-row seat at an NBA game. They know him as the guy who can get by the super-strict security at the Billings Metra.

Before he invented the Eddie Kelly door at the back of every sports arena, Ed was a star running back for Butte Central. He helped lead the Maroons to the 1964 Class A State title. He played briefly at Montana State and then at Eastern Montana College, which is now called MSU-Billings. Between his days at MSU and Eastern, he served two years in the army. That included eight months and a Purple Heart form Vietnam.

Ed then worked nearly three decades as an employee of Butte-Silver Bow and as a football official in high school and college. He was inducted into the Butte Sports Hall of Fame in 2001.

Listen in to this podcast as Ed talks about his playing days and the Vietnam War. Listen as he talks about officiating with guys like Bill Hogart, Gitch Combo, Glenn Welch and more. Listen as he gives credit to his wife, Shauna, for raising their four children. Even Renzy.

Listen to hear how Ed has a hard time watching games that his son Brodie coaches at Butte Central. That is why he was in Missoula, but didn’t see Dougie People’s shot that lifted the Maroons to the 2022 Class A State title.

Listen as Ed talks about the time he got knocked out by Dougie’s dad.

This podcast was recorded at the Coaches Corner at Metals Sports Bar & Grill. Ed sat just below Brodie’s plaque.

Ed Kelly during his Butte Central days.