In the spring of 1984, I set a world record in a Little League game at the ballpark that is now named Jim Scown Field.

I struck out on two pitches — and one of them was a ball. No, Buggs Bunny was not the pitcher. Rather, Keith Miller was the umpire.

That, I promise, is a true story. Even Keith is beginning to come to terms with that fact.

Even then, though, I knew Keith was a great umpire. He was a sophomore in high school, and you would have thought he was working a game in the Big Leagues. He gave us the Big League field when we played.

In all my years playing, watching and coaching Little League since, I have never seen a better umpire than Keith.

He was also a great coach. The next basketball season, I joined the Kennedy fifth grade B team as a fourth grader, and Keith was my coach. The next year, he coached our football and basketball team.

He was great as he somehow walked the fine line of being our coach and our friend. 

Keith has devoted his entire life to children. He has been a volunteer in Little League for 41 years. After years as a teacher and vice principal, Keith took over for the retiring Larry Driscoll several years ago. It is a tough job, but he tackles with understanding and compassion. The children of Butte are lucky to have him.

Keith recently had a health scare that forced him to spend some time in the hospital. He is doing good now, and looking forward to getting back to work this week.

Listen in to this podcast as we talk about that two-strike strikeout, his coaching days and his years as an educator. Listen as he describes his philosophies to education, Little League and life.