You might know Bob Pavlovich as the guy who owned the Met Tavern in Butte for 50 years. You might know him as the guy who played first base and pitched for Butte’s 1946 American Legion state championship baseball team. You might know him as the politician who served 20 years in the Montana Legislature.

Pavlovich’s greatest legacy might turn out to be the Southwest Montana Veterans Home. In the two decades after he left the legislature, Pavlovich continued to fight to bring that home and the accompanying clinic to Butte. At nearly 94, he is still fighting for that cause, hoping to add another building to the facility that opened in 2021.

Listen in as Bob talks about that fight for the Veterans Home. Listen as he talks about he reached across the aisle to work with Republicans in an effort to get things done. Listen as he talks about attending the 1960 World Series. 

Listen as he talks about coming within feet of Kikita Khrushchev in New York. Listen as he talks about his days in the Army shortly after World War II. Listen in as Pavlovich talks about his days playing baseball for the American Legion and in the Butte Mines League.

Bob Pavlovich has seen and done so much in his 93 years. Listen in to see that he is still going strong.