Walter Hinick has seen it all through his camera lens.

During his more than 40 years as a photographer at The Montana Standard, Walt took countless pictures of the Mining City that have reached iconic status.

You have seen his photo of the train tracks to nowhere at the Berkeley Pit. You have seen his photo of the Anaconda Co. dump trucks burying the Holy Savior church. You have seen his photos of the Our Lady of the Rockies statue making its way to the top of the East Ridge.

What you might not have known, though, is the great character behind those photos. With his Robert Redford-like coolness, sharp sarcasm and infectious smile, Walt is one of the most fun people you will ever hang out with.

In my years working with him at the Standard, seeing Walt was always the highlight of the day. Going on assignments for stories was the best because he always asked great questions. He got the toughest people to open up.

Listen in as Walt talks about some of his iconic photos and the stories behind him. Listen as he talks about the many great journalists he was able to work with through the years. Listen to how he kind of accidentally fell into his dream job.