John Cox was a Marine and a police officer in San Diego.

Most people in Butte, however, know him from his many years bartending at Maloney’s Bar, home of the coldest beer in the universe. Coxie was quick with a joke or a light of your smoke — back when you still smoke in a bar.

In addition to a friendly face and a ear to bend, Coxie was a great friend to so many behind the bar. For me, he was my unofficial therapist, paid only in tips.

Coxie retired from bartending at the age of 75. Now 81, he is still going strong. He is still quick with a joke and a laugh.

Listen in as I caught up with an old friend after more than a decade. Listen as he talks about growing up in Butte, his days in the military and on the beat in San Diego. Listen as he talks about the great people he got to know bartending at Maloney’s.